Top 8 Tips to Effectively Maintain Magento Websites

Building websites has been made fairly simpler these days owing to advancements in website building softwares and tools. Magento is one such web solution which enables developers to comfortably create one. While exhibiting a strong online presence with the help of a website is important, maintaining it is all the more crucial. You can’t let it stale with the same range of functionalities and designs. Despite being supported by Magento, it has to be continuously updated and maintained to not only influence and captivate the masses further as you would desire, but also avoid so many issues that would present themselves in case you fail to do so.

Here are the top 8 ways to effectively maintain Magento websites:

1. Install Only What Is Necessary

Attempting to add unnecessary elements only adds to the burden you will have to deal with when it comes to maintaining the website. Servers and websites along with their elements are continuously updated for one main reason which is to overcome hacking. In today’s world, we live amidst several hackers who seek for sensitive information and cause inconvenience or damage to businesses and its relationship with customers. Thus, installing what contributes to the functionality should be top priority and Magento is quite efficient at helping developers with this.

2. Regular Optimization of Database

It is extremely important to have back-ups of the information you collect. With continuous addition to the database, there is always a need to re-index it accordingly. Failing to do so, will lead to loss of integrity of website’s functions and yours as well. Cron jobs can be employed to perform regular checks and updations of databases. This way, you avoid delay in optimizing database which ultimately enables to you carry-out smooth digital interactions while Magento has your back.

3. Regular Updation of Magento

Magento as a content management system itself is periodically updated by its developers. It is crucial for its users to install the patches and enhance security as and when new updates and versions are released. This benefits you with improved and extensive features along with robust software for hassle-free performance. Always remember that your website might be attacked anytime. It is your duty to guard it from threats and keep it safe!

4. Checking Extensions

Gifted with a broad series of extensions, Magento provides its users with numerous lucrative features. While employing them, it is essential to not that they have to be regularly updated as well. Threats occur even through outdated extensions which can cause potential harm to your website. To avoid this scenario, make sure you check for updates regularly and do the needful as and when they are released.

5. Test and Update Staging Site

Staging sites are basically duplicates of the original one. Creating them allows users to test various features and functions and then proceed with what works best. However, to maintain accuracy of tests, you will have to update them too as you do the original. This will ensure that the results are exactly reciprocated as expected. This might appear to be a cumbersome task but it is necessary to achieve what’s best for you. What’s more consoling is that Magento’s web solutions lighten this burden to make it very doable.

6. Test Loading Speed

Apart from testing Magento sites for its features and functionality, loading tests also have to be performed. People don’t like to spend time on websites that take a lot of time to load. Consequently, one has to check for loading speed as and when any update is made. If it causes lag, then the update has to be reconsidered for modification or even removal. This task is incredibly important to fulfill. A site whose interface is smooth and lag-free encourages visitors to stay and spend more time on it. This will potentially lead to increase in conversion rates.

7. Monitor Server 24/7

Powerful tools like New Relic and Ruxit enable users to monitor websites 24/7. They identify if any threat is imposed or if the Magento website needs any upgrade and immediately inform users. Banking on such helpful tools prevent issues from escalating to outrageous seriousness and potentially cause harm. Thus, be taking precautions, you can take of issues in their infancy and avoid several risks in the long run.

8. Periodic Auditing Of Security

Maintaining website protection is of utmost importance. Everything you’ve built and developed will be put at huge risk if security is not properly maintained. You must upgrade your Magento website’s security every chance you get. Leave no stone unturned in this regard. Carelessness can create a lot of mess and possibly even take you out of them game! So, pay attention to the security of your website and cater for its robustness as much as possible.

While Magento comes with so many exclusive features and solutions for website development, it is also advised to take some crucial steps to maintain your site in order to avoid unnecessary and inhibitory complications later on. Keeping these tips in mind and keenly catering for site maintenance, you can smoothly sail even on rough tides! However, if you are looking for a professional Magento website developer in New York, get in touch with Openwave! We house arsenal of expert developers who are only one call away from being at your services! Reach us now for a free quote!

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