9 Key Features To Integrate With Your Android App

The world has become enormously digitized in the last decade and everyone is converting to mobile devices from desktops and laptops. Mobile applications are highly effective in carrying so many activities in the virtual space with great simplicity. People use them to perform daily activities and also enhance productivity. Android apps are known for their extreme levels of flexibility and thus, have gained popularity among several smartphone users. Their functionality is impeccable and has caught massive attention across the globe.

Here are 9 key features that you need to integrate with your Android app to get the best out of it!

1) Attractive and User-Friendly Interface

Apps are generally boasting a much smoother user interface than web browsers. It would be highly incentivizing if you could exploit this feature and take it to the next level. Navigation is very easy to perform which means destinations are always reached when it comes to apps! Work on eliminating unnecessary elements and keep it simple and friendly for users. Release trial versions and test for any glitches that might cause interruptions or discomfort.

2) Employing Features Pertaining To Enterprise

When it comes to enterprise type of applications, certain exclusive features are taken into account that pertains to ease of communication and management, enhanced productivity and more! This model is quite intriguing and efficient in so many ways. Adopting some of the key elements from it will give your Android app a really good boost and take it to the next level! This may require extensive expertise in development. So, it is best to seek professional aid in order to rock a fully functional model.

3) Easy Secure Registration and Login

Simplify all processes including signing-up and logging-in. Minimize the number of steps required to complete the tasks. Setting-up should not take too much time. Otherwise, it will lead to frustration, poor performance and probably even decreased conversions. So, it is extremely vital to ensure that user effort is reduced to a bare minimum such that user retention is encouraged which will eventually result in better engagement. Also, make sure to secure registration and login pages to increase the trustworthiness of your Android app.

4) Ask for Feedback

It is highly unlikely to create a successful app in the very first attempt. Many loopholes, glitches, performance issues and the like will arise. Therefore, it is essential to seek for critical feedback from users in order to act upon them and rectify all flaws. This will eventually make your app more robust with each update and increase its appeal simultaneously. Pay close attention to all negative comments and e-mails. Identify core issues and resolve them as soon as possible. One way to prioritize resolution of issues is to act upon those posed by loyal users first and then proceed to the rest.

5) Employ Social Media

Popular social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are great facilitators of creating awareness. Take advantage of their power and broadly announce about your android app to the world, calling them to download it and use it. It's truly amazing how wide the reach of such platforms can be. Moreover, paying for advertisements is advisable because of the lucrative algorithms employed by them. Many have observed increased conversions due to social media advertisement. It is definitely worth a shot.

6) Improve Load Time

It wouldn't be productive and captivating if your app takes its time to load. It would rather create frustration and force users to abandon. So, attentively work on load time reduction to improve customer retention and engagement. Remove useless elements that cause clutter and keep only the functional ones that cater for the purpose of your app. Sometimes, developers stuff apps with too many advertisements and that is also a big negative. Avoid or minimize the use of ads to provide a cleaner interface.

7) Make It Multilingual

Now that the whole world can actually be a playground, why limit to just one region? Cater for the masses by making it multilingual. It used to be a great feat to pull this off. But now there are sophisticated platforms that make your app automatically ready for global release. This sort of advancement paves for an amazing future where people of all races get to download and use one app without any difficulty.

8) Work on Minimalism

This feature can't be stressed upon any more. It is so important to cater for minimalistic approaches which will in-turn provide a very attractive user experience. This is what most people are inclining to and thus it serves right to invest in making simple, efficient and convenient designs. It's fairly easy to do so because there is less availability of space. This characteristic encourages developers to optimize by staying within the borders of the app.

9) Focus on Offline Functionality

It is not a great idea if your app is functional only when it is connected to the internet. Sometimes, people may not have an internet connection or even wouldn't prefer going online. In such scenarios, it's imperative that they find some use in the absence of data or WiFi connection. Else, you may lose potential customers and have your conversion rates dropped. So, it is good to invest in offline functionality to leave lesser room for app abandonment.

All features mentioned above are key in developing a successful Android app. If you need assistance with creating one, get in touch with the top android app development service provider in New York - Openwave Computing!

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