Top 8 Trends for Web Design and Development in 2019

Since the dawn of internet, websites have experienced several changes in their outlook and function to suit the need of the hour. Developers have been incessantly working on improving efficiency, still maintaining a good appeal. Load time has been a staggering problem for a while but it got really good solutions over time. While it is going to be a never-ending effort to enhance websites, let us not overlook the web designs which are trending.

Here are the top 8 web design and development trends expected to shoot through the roof in 2019!

1) Highly Responsive

Since 2015, we have witnessed the rapid conversion of desktop-based internet usage to mobile. It's clear that mobile devices are heavily used today. Therefore, it is important to create a website which is available in all pocket devices to get a huge reach, globally. Responsive designs are also valued more by Google, hence gaining higher ranks in Google search.

2) Flat Design

In this web design, developers work on creating 3D illusions of stylistic elements to propagate minimalism and reduce load time of web page. It does not compromise on appeal. It rather enhances it by focusing on more important elements thereby improving its functionality and usability. It has seen quite the success recently as many companies have employed such designs.

3) Asymmetrical UI

This is a type of website style where heavy and light elements are combined to produce unique features which don't fail to amaze viewers. One side of the image or text is heavy on visuals while the other is light and minimalistic. This counter-balancing effect is quite attractive and is expected to trend further due to its unique aestheticism.

4) Single Page

This is an upcoming web design which includes all features and content in a single page, thus minimizing the effort required by viewers to navigate to different pages and sites. It has been quite successful due to its simplicity. You need only scroll down to reach more content and it's especially quite convenient for mobile users. A lot of companies have adopted this style as well.

5) Catchy Micro-Animations

Research says that users have very less patience in seeking information from the internet. They tend to lean towards instant gratification because of the way internet works. In such a scenario, you have to strive to catch their attention in span as short as possible. Micro-animations easily grab the attention of viewers. You could use them to convey the most important message to improve conversion rates.

6) Immersive Videos

Videos which are well-edited and provide an immersive experience can easily convince people to buy-in to your products or services. They are extremely effective. You could have a promotional video with good BGM and effects on your website, but make sure it’s short and crisp so that you don't lose views in-between the video. It's a great platform for you to express all the good points about your brand, products and services.

7) Progressive Web Apps

They are web-based apps that load like web pages yet provide the experience of a native mobile app. They need not be downloaded in a mobile device to be functional. Pages are loaded whenever requested from the browser and closed when the tab is closed. It is not easy to rock this style. Starbucks and Trivago are leading examples of such apps.

8) Artificially Intelligent Chat-Bots

With new technologies kicking-in, features like AI chat-bots can be equipped by a website to provide 24/7 customer care support to website visitors. These AI bots are highly effective in having a dialogue with the customer and in providing quick solutions, thereby eliminating the need for a separate team for customer care. Businesses across the internet are leaning towards this strategy to save resources and improve productivity.

Trends keep changing, but the ones mentioned above are the most promising and are here to stay for a while due to their minimalistic approaches. Considering all of them, it is up-to you to decide which suits best for your business venture. Openwave is a world-class Website Design and Development Company in New York! Connect with us to hire professional developers and get the best web solutions for your website! Call us and get your quote, today!

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