6 Killer Tips To Gear-up Your Ecommerce Website And Mobile App For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It is really intriguing how the world has shifted to the virtual realm at such a quick pace. Information is easily transferred and exchanged via the internet with at an unimaginable scale. Research reveals that mobile devices have captured more consumer attention than ever in our history. With this kind of advancement, businesses have observed immense levels of growth. Mobile sites and applications serve as highly lucrative approaches to propagate information and promote sales of products and services. They can be capitalized during holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday via ecommerce to further boost sales.

Here are 6 killer tips which you can use to gear-up your ecommerce website and app for the holidays.

1) Planning Is Important, Planning Ahead Is Even More

It is quite obvious that holiday seasons are the most preferred time for the majority to go for online shopping. You simply don't want to miss-out on it. It is thus essential to plan ecommerce ventures ahead of time so that you are well prepared to brave any hassle that may present itself during holidays. Source stocks, develop a marketing strategy, prepare a dedicated team and invest in attractive solutions for your app and site. Have everything in place and leave no stone unturned. Moreover, you need not necessarily wait until the clock strikes "Holiday Season". Let everyone know about your sales, beforehand. While most may not be ready to purchase anything before the season, they will have something to work towards and look forward to, adding products and services into wish lists from your ecommerce platforms.

2) Aggressive Ecommerce Marketing

Give away coupons and hot deals as pre-sales to spark fire among your consumers. Use popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Announce all sales vigorously and engage with people devotedly to sustain the hype. You could send across newsletters via-email to people who subscribe to your venture. If anyone has added an item to their wish list, you could send notifications regarding its availability and offers that could be availed to get it for a better deal. Hence, you can personalize messages and for different customers and make potential calls for actions to close deals. Moreover, creating a lengthy yet effective product and service descriptions to render enhanced SEO results will take the impact of marketing a long way.

3) Keeping UX Minimalistic and Simple

One of the main reasons why mobile applications are big hits is because they offer extremely attractive, smooth and minimalistic interface rendering enhanced user experience altogether. Since limited space is available, compactness is easily attained and it disallows developers to waste space by deploying unnecessary elements. Furthermore, customers want to focus only on shopping during the holiday season. So, any distraction or hassle in the process will certainly not be appreciated and will undermine your reputation. Test the functionality of ecommerce platforms regularly. Check if they can handle an unusually huge load of traffic to avoid any crash or shutdown. Easy ecommerce shopping is undoubtedly the best shopping experience.

4) Release Beta-Versions And Perform User-Testing

It is unlikely to arrive at a perfect app or site development at the first attempt. Glitches may occur, certain functions may not operate as expected, the design may be disfigured and so many things can go wrong. It is advised to release trial versions and have them tested by different users. They could be family, friends, and colleagues and even. Let their experience be an indicator of how simple and easy your website or an app is to access and explore. Exercising this step before launching your platform will save you from a lot of issues later on.

5) Read Your Ecommerce Channels For The Big Wave Of Traffic

There is no exact prediction for the kind of traffic you will receive during the holidays. It is important that you prepare for the worst-case scenario beforehand. Invest in good and reliable servers to ensure your website or app don’t take bad hits and crash. You must understand the impact of traffic management. It is really key to scaling-up. Each customer you fail to serve is a loss for your business. Keeping that in mind, appropriate strategies need to be employed to better handle big numbers of visitors for your ecommerce app and website.

6) Never Go All-In One Offers And Always Create Urgency

A failed sales strategy is to announce all deals at once. You may drive huge traffic, but it will be short-lived. Break them into different terms instead. Schedule different offers at different time-points. Encourage customer loyalty for your ecommerce ventures by announcing repeated offers from time to time. This will attract them frequently more often than not; they will end up purchasing products and services from you. Also, it is very effective if you restrict the availability of offers. This creates a sort of urgency to take action among customers which is exactly what you need. Else, interest will be lost over time and conversions will never take place.

Trust well-built means you’re already halfway through in making sales. Following all the tips mentioned above, you will have robustly prepared your ecommerce app and website to rock and roll during the holidays. Openwave is proving an attractive range of mobile app and web development solutions to help boost your ecommerce festive sales! Avail our services and us and grab 10% discount using the coupon code: OWC-HolidaySP. Hurry Up!! Request a free quote!

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