Up Your Web Game To Take Control Of The Future of Web Applications

The dawn of internet has given birth to so many opportunities that we can effectively use today. The amount of access that we have achieved globally is unbelievably powerful and uplifting. Websites are like virtual addresses and web applications enhance how they work. With technology continuously taking leaps forward, there is so much room for advancement in the digital world. It is hence meaningful for web development businesses to adopt and master advancing trends.

Here is how you can dominate the web application arena and stay ahead in the business game.

1. Get Along With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a result of a combination of computer technology derived problem-solving techniques, machine learning and more. It has exponentially increased ability of applications to perform various actions. Previously, it was required to code-in responses of apps for all possible inputs. With AI, apps need not be pre-programmed for its tasks. Enabling functional adaptability by continuously feeding on data, AI is a super power for your app! You simply don’t want to miss it!

2. Integrate Motion UI

A key element to captivate customers is to enhance user experience. You don’t want your customers to get bored or lose appeal of your business. A newer method of attracting customers is using motion UI. Animations and videos are efficient in getting a hold of customer’s attention. There is non-stop research and development going on to enhance UI more and more. It’s important that you keep in touch with the latest methods and use them to your advantage.

3. Up Your Responsive Design

Google search engine is the ‘Big Daddy’ of all search engines. One way it ranks your website is by determining compatibility and responsiveness of your design on other devices such as smartphones and tablets. If it can seamlessly re-size in all devices, it is likely to be ranked higher by Google.

4. Master Progressive Web Application

PWAs need not be installed via Appstore. They are generally similar to native mobile apps and are easily accessible from web browsers. They run efficiently even though you might have a bad network. Users are offered a good range of flexibility and usability by PWAs even while offline via push notifications. Many are inclining to this technology to enjoy a better experience.

5. Never Compromise On Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial element to grow your business. With advancements in AI, you can develop customer care bots that understand requirements of customers and provide with appropriate solutions. This way, your customers won’t have to wait for a human to respond. Customers can instantly get resolutions and carry on. Use technology efficiently to boost your growth!

6. Make It Simple And Static

Static websites have one set of information coded and saved, for all visitors. They don’t adapt to any geographic region or interest’s people may have and thus, website dynamics are minimized. This maintains an optimal load time for pages and hence does not result in any kind of lag that could possibly frustrate your visitors.

7. Try-Out A One-Page Website

Keep it simple, always! Customers do not want to be overwhelmed with so many options and pages. Try to fit all your content and products into a single page. Remember, the higher demand is simplicity in purchasing a product, not the product itself. The amount of traversing across pages and scrolling customers perform will negatively affect interests in purchasing from your website.

8. Update Your Scripting And Programming Languages

Laravel with PHP framework is making a significant difference in how web apps are being developed, largely due to object-oriented programming libraries it possesses along with complementary packages. On the other hand, JavaScript continues to be the hottest server-side language to be used for web applications development. Work earnestly with prominent languages to secure the top spot for your business in the future.

Working on trending advancements in technology, mastering them and having them up in your sleeve, you will be set to make a significant difference and lead the web applications development sector. Openwave, an exemplary PHP web development company in New York, offers its top-notch solutions at affordable rates. Get in touch with us to get a quote, today!

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