An Effective Guide to Make Your Retail App Development Problem-Free

Mobile app development may be a ripe avenue for boosting retail revenues. However, bridging a mobile app is usually a time-consuming process with more complications than you might have thought so. We've analyzed the business and come up with a few of the most common mobile app development issues, and an effective solution for each.

1) Weak Code Writing

For a successful retail app, the foundation is its coding infrastructure. Poorly written code can branch out into numerous complications.


Ensure that your team is adept with the coding framework, and help them utilize all the tools and aids available to further boost quality.

2) Weak User Experience

To draw customers, your retail store needs to build a user-friendly, enticing aura. E-stores with a bad user experience are unlikely to thrive.


Pay attention to the visuals of the app, as well as its customer-friendliness. Add enriched features and an interactive quality to give importance to the customer.

3) Security

Poor security would result in a lack of trust from customers, and is sure to bring a negative outcome.


Make sure that all safety parameters are firmly in place, ensuring that customers can use your application without fearing loss of confidentiality.

4) Lack of Standard Hardware

Your retail app needs to reach a vast pool of devices, from regular phones to iPhones and iPads. The enormity of screen sizes and device platforms leads to inconsistency with the app's display on each platform.


For this issue, one needs to emphasize on 'Responsive Design' techniques. This process is aimed at shaping the aspects of an application so as to bring a more uniform and standard display on multiple devices.

5) Expansion of Data

It is natural for data structures to deteriorate over a longer course of time. To counter this, you need to survey the data as it expands, ensuring that the performance of the application doesn't fall.


Designate a professional team to manage a feasible storage plan for your data needs.

6) Constantly Upgraded Software

Some of the latest versions of software, such as the Android OS, are harder for developers to understand. With these languages regularly updated, it may lead to a vacuum in the software understanding.


It is unnecessary to focus on the most recent version of software, considering that many of the users may not have upgraded to it. It is better to stick to a platform that you're more comfortable with, where performance is guaranteed from your side.

7) Badly Managed Databases

Databases need to be optimized for performance as well as security. Having a database that lacks the appropriate level of optimization can spell disaster for an application, causing slow performance as well as other errors in the site.


Utilize statistics as well as scripts available online to check the status of the database.

Apps are popping up for all fields, social aspects, and activities, and this may be a good time to build one for your retail business as well. If you don't know where to start, Openwave can guide you through the field. We have twenty years of experience in the arena and the right tools to bring your app idea to life.

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