7 Essential Attributes Your Website Must Have to Make it World-Class

These days, would-be customers more often than not research a company online before doing business with them. Consequently, your business website must be capable of providing a great introduction to visitors. Just like a well-made pizza needs certain ingredients to make it delicious – like toppings and cheese – your website too must include certain features to make it complete (as well as useful to visitors).

Here are the essential attributes that, when combined, go into making a world-class website:

Clearly Defined Purpose

You need to set a purpose for your site and focus on developing around it. For example, retailers will need an eCommerce website that helps them sell products and lawyers will need a website to market their services in order to stay competitive.

An Excellent CMS

Your content management system (CMS) is the foundation of your site. Not only will it help you run it, but it will also determine the quality of the experience your visitors will have. Depending on the purpose of your site, choose a good CMS. WordPress and Drupal are good choices for businesses.


You have less than a fraction of a second – according to scientific research – to hold a visitor’s attention once they land on your pages. So how do you do that? Make fair use of whitespace, layout and, most importantly, make everything as clear as possible.

‘Contact Us’ Page

Doing business online is not without its risks. A ‘Contact US’ page can lay your visitors’ fears at rest. It will also allow them to reach you/your team if they have queries that need to be answered immediately.

Simple Navigation

Less than 20% of all visitors will care about how good your online presence looks – over 80% want to achieve whatever they are after and leave as soon as possible. The easier you make it for people to navigate your website and get what they want, the happier you make them.

Quality Content

There are, literally, a billion other unique websites on the internet. What makes yours unique? The only way to get your site to stand out and make it useful long-term is by creating quality content.

Lightning-Quick Load Times

A significant percentage of guests will abandon web pages that take over 3 seconds or more to load. Fast-loading pages, on the other hand, provide an outstanding user experience (UX) to visitors. Use this Google tool to measure speed.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your website – they’re not going to visit you if they don’t know you’re there! For best results, especially if you don’t have technical knowledge, you can hire our web design experts to help you build an outstanding website as well as promote it after launch.

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