Here’s How Your Magazine Business Could Flourish with the Help of a News App

Everyone tends to be glued to their mobile phones these days. They also prefer to use their smart devices to catch up on the latest news – because it’s fast and convenient. Magazine sales haven’t exactly been healthy these past few years, and many businesses are struggling to survive. Some savvy companies have released News Apps in an attempt to boost subscription rates – and, in many cases, they have been very successful.

Here are some reasons why releasing a News App could help your magazine:

Convenient Access

Everybody seems to be short on time these days. Subscribing to a magazine, waiting for the delivery and then lugging it around while you’re moving is unappealing to most people. The biggest draw of digital magazines is the convenient way they can be accessed on any smartphone.

Personalized Material

We all have favorite magazine sections. Thanks to machine learning technology, a smartphone app these days can learn more about a person’s preferences and then deliver them targeted personalized content. That significantly improves their user experience and makes it more likely they will continue reading your magazine.

Social Media Support

People love to share. By integrating social media support into your app, you allow readers to share interesting snippets or whole articles with their friends and family. Aside from enriching the UX, you are also more likely to find new subscribers this way.

Push Notifications

Breaking news can be delivered to your readers through push notifications. That is very helpful to your readers and it also significantly improves their engagement with your magazine. With customization, readers will be able to control the kind of push notifications they get from you.

Revenue Generation

Magazine apps can make a lot of money. Many Virtual Reality-ready magazines are being sold for as little as $3 per month. Apart from download and subscription fees, there’s money to be made through in-app advertisements as well as through selling products.

Building an optimized, feature-rich, fast-loading app isn't easy. For best results, recruit the services of an experienced app development team to help you create a customized one.

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