Go Mobile-Friendly with Your Website to Gain Customers

We live in the era of smartphones. The ubiquitous smartphone is used for staying connected, entertainment, news, keeping tracks of finances, and many daily tasks. Most people use their phones to spend countless minutes online, surfing the internet. The internet has undergone a transition to reflect changing user habits – where most websites were designed with desktops in mind, these days we’re seeing sites designed primarily for phones, with desktops PCs being a secondary consideration.

Customers Expect a Mobile-Friendly Experience

A study by Google tells us that over 75% of all users prefer websites that are mobile optimized. Also, about 48% of customers that encounter a site that doesn’t work well on their phones are likely to get frustrated or annoyed. About 50% say that even if they loved a brand, they would buy from it less often if they didn’t have mobile-friendly pages. If you want to keep the majority of your clients happy, it’s time to embrace the mobile-first approach.

Google Expects Mobile Optimized Pages, Or Else

Google has now begun penalizing sites that don’t have pages optimized for smartphones. It ranks sites that are mobile friendly over those that aren’t. Also, owners have to pay more for advertisements to be featured on search engine pages.

Mobile Users and Location Searches

Over 30% of all searches from cell phone users were location based. That means users are looking for nearby businesses when they search from phones. If you own a real-world business and don't have a mobile-friendly site, you don't get access to these customers. If you do have one, on the other hand, you get a direct boost in revenues.

The Mobile Shopping Trend

Mobile commerce is expected to be almost 40% of all eCommerce revenues – which will be more than $4 trillion – by 2020. Over 50% of all incoming traffic to eCommerce sites comes from smartphones, now. E-commerce websites are scrambling to provide a streamlined payment process for smartphone users in an attempt to boost sales.

Non-Responsive Sites Are Sinking Fast

In conclusion, if you don’t embrace responsive design and other small-screen friendly technology like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), your website will sink, and you'll lose a lot of revenues, to the benefit of your customers.

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