5 Super Effective Hacks to Get More People to Download Your App

So are you planning on building an application or are about to launch one? With over 4 million unique apps on both Google and Apple’s iOS store combined, your app will have to face stiff competition, even if you have a unique idea. The marketing and promotion element is as important as – if not more important than – the development stage itself. Many applications fade into obscurity – not because they were badly made, but because the developers didn’t promote them well enough.

Here are some established ways that will bring your budding app to the attention of users and help you boost downloads:

1. Focus on ASO

Over 60% of all apps are found through searches in stores. With App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques, you make it more likely your product will be found when a user types in some critical keywords. ASO involves writing an excellent description for the app – with proper keywords – and using great images to help it stand out.

2. Create an Introductory Video

It's important that you create an opening video about your app that explains what it can do for users in simple terms. Also, include subtitle options for various languages. That makes it more likely that people from all over will download it.

3. Organic Can Only Take You So Far

While organic advertising is effective, it isn’t everything. An excellent way to get more people aware of your app is to pay for ads on social media sites like Facebook. Also, some applications manage to go viral when the developers promote them through small and medium-sized blogs, after paying the owner to write about them.

4. End Users Matter

Ultimately, the people who are going to be using the application matter the most. During the development period, show demos to as many users as you can and get their input about your product. If you can provide what people want, your app is likely to be successful.

5. Refresh It on Time

To make a successful application, you will have to nurture it over an extended period of time, with regular updates that seek to correct bugs and to add requested features. An app that gets regular updates is more likely to be downloaded by users.

It's important that you pick the right developers to build and maintain your application, someone you can have a healthy relationship with and someone who understands your unique vision.

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