5 Proven Ways to Engage with Customers in the World of Digital eCommerce

Before the era of the internet, it was normal for companies to engage with clients face to face or to talk to them on the phone. Owners could provide a personalized service and solve customer problems with ease. These days, at a time when online shopping is all the rage, it’s normal for owners not to interact with customers at all. However, the nature of business still hasn’t changed that much – you still need to talk to customers and show them that you care, which boosts their loyalty towards your brand.

Here is a collection of simple but proven strategies that will help you engage clients and improve sales:

Contact Us Pages

An ideal contact us page should contain your phone number, email ID, and your address. It allows customers to call your if they have queries. It also reassures them that you are real and that their concerns are being heard. The only drawback of this method is that it requires a workforce to handle incoming requests.

Live Chats

Live chat is a perfect tool to talk to customers that hate using the phone. It lets you handle customer problems and requests in real time through text messages. Also, by integrating certain software with it, you will be able to tell what pages the customer has visited and what products they are interested in to help you close sales.


Forums are, perhaps, the oldest method of interacting with customers. Old doesn’t mean ineffective, though. With forums, you will be able to build a community around your business and products. You can also build a repository of solutions to common problems with it. Forums are comparatively cheap to implement too.

Social Media

These days, if you’re not on Facebook, you’re considered a hermit – and the same principle applies to businesses. Social media lets you broadcast product information and compelling content, garner followers, engage them, and also boost sales organically.


Blogs are an often underutilized engagement tool. They help you solve customer queries, set you up as an expert in your niche. You can also interact with customers and get their opinions and feedback through comments. Also, they help you rank much higher in search engine results.

Statistics tell us that recurring sales form the backbone of every eCommerce business, and it costs way more to acquire new customers than to target old ones. That’s the reason why you need to prioritize customer engagement for the continued wellbeing of your business.

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