Avoid Making These Costly Rookie Mistakes When Promoting on Social Media

Reputation is everything when it comes to running a business. A bad reputation erodes trust among current and potential customers, which makes it less likely they will work with you or buy from you. In this digital age, mistakes can have huge repercussions. A single mistake can destroy in an instant something that was years in the making.

When promoting on social media, it’s important that you keep your wits about you to keep your reputation intact. Here are some costly mistakes you should avoid making while engaging followers:

Posting Inappropriate Content

Many companies have gotten into trouble over inappropriate content over the years. It’s important that your posts be free of political or religious content that could offend certain people. Create content that is relevant to your business and make it a policy to get multiple people to check a post before publishing it.

Attacking or Abusing Someone

No matter how impolite your customers get online, you shouldn't engage them – it can only reflect poorly on your business. Do what you can to assuage customers quickly. There will always be trolls on the internet, too – people who feed off negativity and attack your company for no good reason. If you don't pay them any attention, though, they will go away.

Not Reaching the Right People

Your content has to be tailored made for the clients you do business with or customers who want to buy from you. You must know what your customers like, what they are looking for, and what kind of posts they are likely to enjoy reading.

Paying Money to Get ‘likes’

Some businesses make the mistake of paying for ‘likes’ or social media followers. Paying is a rookie mistake – it’s very unlikely that these people care about your posts and you will be engaging an audience that is totally irrelevant to your unique business.

It’s important that your content strikes the right balance between usefulness and promotion for maximum effect. A simple way to target users is to hire social media marketing specialists who’ll help set your campaign right on track.

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