Innovative Promotion Ideas to Hook Holiday Shoppers

The NRF is estimating an increased sale of 3.7% during the upcoming holiday season this year, to a staggering $630.5 billion. If you want to spike up your holiday revenue and capture a significant personal share of the retail pie, you need to come up with innovative marketing stratagems that can hook your customers and get them to buy from you.

Below is a list of some ideas we’ve put together for you that are sure to make your store a hit with your shoppers. As you can see, you don’t have to always offer huge discounts or spend a lot on a massive marketing drive to effectively engage customers:

Special Festive Pop-ups

Festive email pop-ups on your site – offering special deals during the holidays if people subscribe to your newsletter – are an easy way to drive up holiday sales. Not only do they draw visitor interest in what you are selling, but they also let them know that you plan something special for the upcoming festivities.

Create a Flash Sale

Flash sales are instead deals offering significant discounts on a limited range of products. Because they are only available for a short time, they let you create a sense of urgency among visitors, inciting them to buy from you now while they still can! Huge discounts help too, of course.

CTA Notifications

With CTA notifications and pop-ups, you offer something customers are bound to love at a discounted price with the support of an attractive image or flash animation and get them to click on a large green button to avail the deal. The goal is to make people interact with your site to engage them.

Countdown Timers

Countdown timers are one of the most effective ways to generate excitement about your shopping sale on Christmas. Place a large, easily visible, real-time counter on your site to get your customers hooked!

If you still want more ways to make more revenue this Christmas, take a look into getting your site redesigned from end-to-end by hiring a good team. A better website – with brighter colors and easier-to-navigate layout – can translate to a direct spike in your conversion rates.

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