Top 10 Web Development Trends for 2016

With the wheels of technology set in motion, every passing moment opens up a list of endless possibilities for web developers. While several new development tools and practices loom on the horizon, there are few that have set a new trend and spread like wildfire. Let’s take a look at the latest web development trends for 2016 that you cannot afford to miss:

1.     Sketch App for UI Design

Move over Photoshop. This year, Sketch app is the next big thing. This Mac-only tool retains most of Photoshop’s features besides offering a smoother platform to craft vector elements for any interface.

2.     Motion UI

Foundation for Apps by Zurb makes implementing visual feedback using animation a seamless experience. As latest technology unveils; techies are expecting further innovation in Motion UI.

3.     New Responsive Design

Responsive design will no longer be restricted to mobile responsiveness alone. With a lot of wearable tech and different screen sizes being rolled out, this year, it is all set to expand to a whole new level.

4.     Browser-based IDE’s

Desktop IDE’s have been around for ages. Browser-based cloud IDE is the buzzword these days. All a developer needs is a computer with internet access to write codes from anywhere.  

5.     Internet of Things

IoT is all set to take the web app development world by storm. It can enable developers to come up with upgraded solutions by linking smart objects to the internet.

6.     Card-style Layouts

Card-style layouts, first popularized by Pinterest a few years ago are all set to rule the web space in 2016, with several free plug-ins like jQuery and Masonry being used to replicate this popular style.

7.     Containers are in Vogue

Containers have been around for a while; however, 2016 will spell a major leap for container services. With the introduction of innovative container services like Docker, web developers can build, run, and test an app from anywhere.

8.     Chat Space Revamped

Plain text, emoticons, attached files can only communicate so much. Now chat applications have the ability to share live design documents. Apps like Notable and Slack are a clean way for developers to share work with the team.

9.     Google’s Material Design

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can use custom codes to lay a foundation for your design? Google’s Material Design, which was meant to simplify the process of creating UI for smart phones, has started trending in the world of web design too.

10.    Real-time Analytics

Live streaming is the ‘in’ thing. The demand for web apps that work in real-time is on the rise, giving way to wide-spread implementation of real-time analytics.

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