What Makes A Mobile App A Must-Have For Your Brand?

Back in those days when the internet was still growing, the prospect of building websites to promote business was a remote, distant, and highly improbable thought. Fast forward to 2016, the tables have turned, and the possibility of a brand existing without a web presence seems ridiculous. Today, the notion of building mobile apps for brands stands in a similar conflicting and uncertain territory. Do brands really need them? If your brand already has an excellent web presence, then what’s the point of building a mobile app?

Mobile apps are a must-have for a brand. Let’s break it down to simple logic and reasoning that will tell you why:

1. It is Trending

The mobile apps industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in the past few years. As a brand, you’ll need to evolve with the times or risk losing out on a potential market share.

2. Increased Customer Preference for Mobile Apps

An average mobile user in the US spends 86% of his time on mobile apps. If your brand doesn’t have an app, your customer is likely to spend his/her time going through your competition’s mobile app.

3. Sheer Dominance of Smartphones

Smartphone use for web-surfing will only grow in the coming years and is set to surpass desktop use. In such a scenario, a mobile app far exceeds the functionality of a website’s mobile version.

4. Stay Connected at all Times

Can your mobile site ensure constant connectivity with your customers? No, but a mobile app can! Wherever a customer goes, their mobile device goes with them. Getting your clients to install your mobile app ensures constant connectivity.

5. Gives You a Competitive Edge

Those who realized the internet’s potential early, have gone on to build an unbeatable web presence today. Likewise, a mobile app for your brand can help you gain that competitive edge and take a huge stride ahead of your competitors.

6. Limitless Smartphone Capabilities

From GPS to fingerprint scanners, a smartphone’s capability extends beyond the essentials. While website functionality is hindered by the limitations of web/mobile browsers, mobile apps make it possible to exploit a phone’s high-end hardware.

7. Geolocation

GPS-enabled devices have made location-based services a reality. Unlike websites, mobile apps can tap into this functionality and provide conveniently timed push notifications or discounts when a customer is near your brand’s location.

8. Personalize Your Brand Experience

Smartly-built mobile apps can analyze customer behavior and send out personalized deals, coupons, offers, or provide information that is tailored to suit customer preferences.

Regardless of your brand’s niche, a mobile app can go a long way in helping your brand sustain and grow its market presence. Start building your mobile presence with a custom mobile app today!

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