5 Reasons Why a Native Mobile App is Necessary for Public-Sector Organizations

No desktop or PC can ever come close to replicating the connectivity that a Smartphone or mobile provides. While most sectors have recognized this innate power of mobile technology, the public sector is still behind the times. From entertainment apps to shopping apps, we’ve seen them all! However, users are yet to experience native mobile apps that have real value. What may seem like a pointless investment to few, can actually turn out to be a life-changer for many! Here’s why non-profit or public sector organizations should build themselves a native mobile app:

1. Reach Out To the Masses

In a recently concluded study, it was found that mobile was the only means of internet access to nearly 23% of families below poverty level. For public sector organizations, this information is a wake-up call to go mobile-friendly. And what better way to stay connected with a significant part of the population than a native mobile app?

2. Connect With Supporters

How many individuals associated with your organization own a smartphone? Probably every single one of them! Building a native mobile app and marketing your app can help you stay connected with your supporters at all times. That’s not all – an excellent mobile app that resonates with your supporters will eventually garner more followers through word-of-mouth. What more could you hope for?

3. Delivers Push Notifications

Emails and SMSes are a thing of the past. A native mobile app you can send out push notifications that can help your apps users stay in the loop of your organization’s activities. With a read rate of 80%, as opposed to the dismal 22% of E-mails, push notifications provide the best means of communicating important messages to users.

4. Use Smartphone Capabilities to Your Advantage

A native mobile app can leverage a Smartphone’s capabilities into resourcefulness. How? Take a look at Blood Donor, a mobile app by American Red Cross, which makes use of a Smartphone’s GPS feature and provides details of blood donation camps nearby. With the right idea and the right execution, your native mobile app can change countless lives.

5. Works in Offline Mode

Users cannot remain connected to the internet at all times. In such cases, sending out information to them becomes easy when they have your app installed on their phone. This is one of the top reasons why a native mobile app wins over a mobile website.

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