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Five Must-Haves to Build a Successful E-Commerce Website

The internet has revolutionized the world we live in, transforming everything as we know it. Right from the way we buy food to the way we shop, user behavior trends depict the shift towards the digital, invoking the need for retailers to evolve with the change. A lot of E-commerce stores are already paying heed to the change by ensuring good website performance, excellent customer service, and appealing web designs. But is that all it takes to sustain and survive in the E-commerce realm?

Let’s explore the unexplored, but promising E-commerce trends that are a must to build a successful E-commerce website:

1) Responsive Design is the New Buzzword

A vast majority of users access E-commerce sites through mobiles. In such a case, does building a mobile app alone suffice? How many users will actually bother downloading your app? This is where a responsive web design can help you! Intended to fit all devices, a responsive web design is all you need to make your site mobile-friendly.

2) Set up an Efficient Payment System

Traditional methods like debit card and credit card payment systems never go out of fashion. However, incorporating more payment options can win you brownie points with your customers. PayPal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin are options you can explore. Also, ensure that you have a safe, secure and reliable payment gateway in place.

3) Content is King

Yes, you read that right! While you might be wondering how content can help E-commerce websites, websites like Etsy and Birchbox have a different story to tell. Seamlessly combining content and commerce, such popular websites are offering useful ‘How to’ tips, look books and more, amassing large number of followers, which in turn, drives sales conversions.

4) Provide Them a Visual Treat!

The advertising industry has already made the shift towards video and has raked in the moolah. The E-commerce industry is following suit and is slowly accepting videos as an excellent way of delivering visually appealing and high-quality content. From product demos to stunning visual presentations, E-commerce can leverage the benefits of video across various channels.

5) Innovate and Reinvent

Even if you believe that you own the best E-commerce website you possibly can, remember, there’s always room for improvement. From flash deals to same-day deliveries, online retailers are coming up with newer and better strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Unless your store continually innovates and reinvents, there’s always a risk of falling behind.

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