8 Things That Make A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Successful companies are built not only by successful products, but also by successful campaigns. Campaigns today increasingly mean online, digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing simply means the promotion of brands or products via the electronic media (in one or more forms). Though it predominantly involves the internet, it does involve using channels such as wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, podcasts, apps, television and radio channels, electronic billboards, etc. here we look at 8 most important things that you should know to build a successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Web Design

Websites are a vital cog in a brand’s appeal. How good or responsive your landing page is determines how visible your business becomes. Marketers must be able to navigate and learn about new tactics, policies and adapt to the landscape while keeping the brand’s site operational.

2. Content

Content is king in web marketing. With Google’s latest Panda update, it is clear that content will continue to rule over all internet marketing strategies. A good content is the perfect way to entice visitors and convince them to purchase the product or service from the website.

3. Copy Writing

In order to maintain a high level of relevant content updates, a digital marketer must be able to write copy quickly and consistently. Many digital marketers maintain a separate blog to keep their skills sharp.

4. SEO

A marketer works with SEO to drive traffic to websites through search engines. But you should have a proper data of link building before starting SEO services. Otherwise it would adversely affect your business and your website can even be penalised for this on major search engines.

5. Optimization

Once SEO brings in the traffic, the next step is to streamline your website process. This is extremely important for e-commerce websites as marketers have the responsibility of converting visitors into buyers.

6. Social Media

Almost every person online has a social media account. Choosing an appropriate social media platform involves in depth market analysis and planning. It is therefore incumbent upon marketers to promote their business services on social media in the right way.

7. Monitoring Traffic

You need to regularly monitor your site traffic because it’s the only way you understand the worthiness of visitors and also trace shopping information like where the buyer is, their buying behaviour, and the amount they spent on the purchase.


This goes without saying. Keeping in place proper security architecture is important especially as sites are accessed mostly via mobile these days. A well protected website usually has at least 3 layers of security. If you can ensure these eight, your marketing campaigns’ a success straight!

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