Quick Guide on Getting your Business Prepped for the Upcoming Holidays

Christmas is when people all over the world shop for gifts for their loved ones and themselves. Most websites and eCommerce stores gear up in various unique ways to try and get a slice of the gigantic Christmas pie. If you own a virtual store, we recommend you begin planning your marketing strategy for Christmas as early as possible to get a leg up on the competition.

Here’s our short guide on how you can get your business ready for the holiday season:

What Happened Last Christmas?

If you’ve had a business for a while, you have a wealth of data you can analyze. Take a look at the past few Christmases and find out what drove the most traffic to your website. Was it social media or your email marketing campaign? Try to leverage this data to build your current marketing strategy.

Build Landing Pages for Holiday Shoppers

You need to design custom landing pages for holiday shoppers, perhaps wishing them well for the holidays or by informing them about upcoming Christmas special sales. Start building and pruning mobile pages and have a fixed couple of high performing pages ready for Christmas.

Target Potential Customers with Email Campaigns

You need to plan out your email campaign at least a month in advance. Don’t be afraid to flood your customers with emails – everyone else will be doing it too. You need to be aggressive or lose out on potential sales.

Make Your Website Responsive

Most of your customers will use their mobile phones for their shopping. It’s critical that your website is responsive and that you design content for smaller screens. A slow loading website or a poor-looking website on smaller screens will increase bounce rates.

Make Festive Social Media Posts

Your social media posts should be festive and attractive. Make your posts friendly, engaging and informative to entice more customers to buy from you – or at least visit your website.

You can also engage the services of a professional web developer to help you spruce up your website and make it more search engine friendly. If you do it all right, you should get a big boost in sales during Christmas.

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