Which Mobile App Development Platform Should You Choose for your Startup Business App?

Startups are often on limited timeframes and shoestring budgets when they want an app developed. If you are a startup entrepreneur, you have two choices before you: spend a lot of time and money and get a robust, custom app built or keep things minimal by getting an MVP designed (Minimum Viable Product). An MVP will enable you to enter the market without breaking the bank, and you’ll still be able to gather data and put your business out there.

Native apps vs. Cross-Platform Apps

Native apps are those apps that are designed for a specific platform like iOS or Android in mind. They cannot run on other platforms. Native apps can take advantage of a phone’s specific hardware and OS and provide a high-quality, custom experience. Cross platform apps, on the other hand, are apps that can run across a range of platforms, like iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. These apps are not as flexible as native apps – their biggest advantage being that they are made to run across all platforms. So which one should you get for your business?

Get a Native App if

You have a large budget or if you are planning to target just a single platform like iOS. Native apps provide functionalities like the ability to perform complex calculations and streaming high-quality video files because of the full access they have to the phone’s hardware. What you can do is build a native app for each and every platform out there, but this will, of course, cost a lot of money.

Get a Cross-Platform App if

You are on a tight budget, and you need an app rolled out quickly across multiple platforms. Cross platform apps sometimes don’t run well, though, so we recommend that you look at this as a short-term option and later customize your app to go native. There are a large number of mobile app development tools available for free that you can use to build your app. If you don’t have the time to do that, you should be able to avail the services of the competent developers at Openwave for an affordable price.

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